New Sustainable Generation (NSG)





New Sustainable Generation (NSG) is a youth organisation that we created using three generations of experienced youth workers, non-formal educators, trainers and facilitators. We are all passionate about making the sustainable development of our Planet our main priority.  What solidifies us is the passion for education and support of the next generations about making Europe climate-neutral by 2050 and protecting our natural habitat. We would love to share with them our knowledge and experience about the Green economy and the protection of human life, animals and plants, by cutting pollution.
Together with our focus on networking and determination for future development, New Sustainable Generation applies an innovative approach to develop youngsters and adults through deep involvement in the activities of the organization. At New Sustainable Generation we are looking forward to help people take actions for the changes we all need to thrive.
Considering that together we could set the foundations of next generations with personal, social and professional development, we invite you to check our team and join us. Gain more confidence in planning and implementation of YOUR youth initiatives.